Special Thanks to our donors - APlus Home Health Care & Hospice and The Polgar Group

It is the season for giving thanks and there are many things we are thankful for.  We are especially thankful for our donors, for without their generosity we would not be able to continue to #supportasenior.
We would like to acknowledge two amazing donors: APlus Home Health Care & Hospice and The Polgar Group. Because of their donation, Sherelle Bowser can now sleep comfortably in her new hospital bed and new mattress.
The hospital bed was donated by APlus Home Health Care & Hospice located in Fremont, California. Ray W. founded APlus Home Health Care & Hospice after his mother went through hospice. The experience he had with the agency that helped his mom is what inspired Ray to continue helping others in need. Together, APlus Home Health Care & Hospice and AStoreForMom are determined to keep helping seniors.
Gevon Polgar of The Polgar Group donated the mattress to Sheryl. Based in Mountain House, California, Gevon is not only a realtor who help families find their perfect home, but he is always giving back to his community by donating to Mountain House's sports and academics.
Our donors play an integral part in helping us achieve our mission, and for that we are extremely grateful. Each donation truly makes a difference.

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